Tuesday, December 22, 2009

SuG - New Song Single - Gr8 Story

From what I found out, SuG is releasing a new single called Gr8 Story. I'm a fan of SuG (Not to the point where I would scream whenever I saw them -_-) and enjoy their songs. Takeru would probably be my favourite member and Masato would be my second. I like Takeru for his ability to smile 24/7. Not even I can do that. Masato reminds me of my former self, quiet, shy (I'm sort of still am, but I'm more outgoing), but he's really cool. Yuji never fails to crack me up. I can't even keep a pokeface on whenever I watch a video of SuG. Chiyu is really cool. He's sort of like Yuji, but isn't as goofy as him. I know Mitsuru has left, but I liked the way the drums. Really cool and upbeat. Shinpei, the new drummer, I don't know much about him, but he seems okay. I watched him in the PV's and he's not bad. Overall, SuG is an awesome band. I recommend for people, who have not heard them, to listen to them. The new single, Gr8 Story, will be released on the 27th of January. Bye now~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Quizilla Stories

Well, if you know me, my username on Quizilla is alchemy5mage. I love writing stories, but sometimes I can lose interest in it and start another story. I will go back to the story and finish it off. So far, the successful story on Quizilla is The Child of the Ukina Clan, a Naruto fanfiction. Unfortunately, due to fact that I have Musical Practices and an original novel that I want published, I can't update any stories on Quizilla. The only story probably to be updated will be Star Ocean - The Last Hope since I wrote most of it on Word before publishing on Quizilla. The Shoryu Oneshot for EverStarDream11 will be posted, but probably after the Musical.


Well, I'm kinda new to this blog so I'll be a bit slow at first, but I'll learn quickly. A friend of mine used to use this blog, but she doesn't anymore since she has a lot of things to do. If you know here, she is Marissa. Anyways, I'll be updating more later in the day since it's morning over here. See ya!


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