Saturday, July 31, 2010

Request Form

Although I said I'm not accepting any requests right now, I will allow you to send it to me on my Quizilla account, but don't get mad at me if I haven't replied or the oneshot isn't posted. I already told you that I'm not actually going to accept the oneshots, but I will once PSCEP finishes. Below is two forms for two different genres you can fill out for a oneshot.

Form for JRock:

Who from the band:
Character Age:
Character Hair Colour and Length:
Character Eye Colour:
Piercings [if any]:
Background Story:
Race [American, Japanese etc]:
Theme [Romantic, Friendship etc]*:
Birth Date:
Do you want other bands involved? If so, which bands:

Form for Anime/Games:

Character from Anime/Game:
Character Age:
Character Hair Colour and Length:
Character Eye Colour:
Distinctive Feature:
Background Story:
Character Race [This depends on the Anime or Game]:
Birth Date [Optional]:
Theme [Romantic, Friendship]:

*I don't accept lemons/limes anything sexual! I'm not too comfortable writing those type of things. Plus, I have no idea what to do with those things.

My account is called alchemy5mage [duh XD] so send it there.

The longer and detailed form is, the better the oneshot should be. That's all, thank you!

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So Cloudy and Dark Over Here...

It's really cloudy and dim over where I live. Where's the sun!? It was bright a few hours ago!!!! Anyways, what did I wanted to post about...? Shoot, I lost it T.T Oh right, it's so boring..............! I have nothing to do and my brain is drawing blanks for my stories and oneshots. So not cool.

Have I sent the vistlip members messages yet? No, I couldn't get in contact with them unfortunately...I could send them messages on their Ameblo account. What? I have an Ameblo account too you know? I sure hope it doesn't rain over here. That'll be really bad.

This might seem random, but....I WANT A PARFAIT!!!!! I haven't had one in so looooonnnnngggg!!! >.< Does anyone have a good recipe for me to make one? I can't wait any longer for one!!!!!!!!!!

Ahem! Right, enough of that randomness. So here's how far I have gone into my K oneshot. 10%. Good huh? No! That's horrible!!! I should have made it up to at least 67% by now! I've been slacking off too much. Must.Get.Back.On.Track.

Got to go now. My craving for parfait is affecting my brain! I'm sure I will be normal tomorrow....Hopefully....

Listening to: Gone with the Wind - HiBRiD

More News on Vistlip

Good morning! How are you!?...And why do I sound so happy? Maybe it's because it's Saturday? Yeah, that's it! Anyways, I got a bit more news about vistlip's car accident yesterday. I had actually thought it was Tomo who was driving the car, but I think the news said 'Matsushita Tomo, vistlip's drummer'. So it basically said that it was Tohya who was driving the car. I'm not so sure, because I couldn't understand some of what the video was trying to say. vistlip won't be starting any band work until the end of September. I can totally understand that. I mean, I would be traumatized if I were part of the band. So, I wish vistlip the best of luck so they can recover and for Sakakibara-san to rest in peace and best wishes also goes towards her family.

If you want more information, the whole Internet is talking about it. I might have to send the boys of vistlip a comforting message. I mean, Tohya must be traumatized the most. Now this is making me more afraid of getting a driver's license. If you want to send them a message, trying sending it to their official homepage or, if they have it, a MySpace page.

Anyways, it's like 8:55 over here and I haven't eaten anything @.@ I'm starving!!!!! Ooh! Has anyone seen Alice Nine's Senkou's PV? I haven't! For the ones who have, you guys are lucky! I got a message from my friend this morning and I haven't checked out the PV yet. I should watch it later on.

I should go now, you do not know how much I'm starving right. You know what? I could really go for Ryouga's birthday cake now XD [Refer to the post on July 29]. I'll try and update later on today. See ya!
Friday, July 30, 2010

Shocking News

First of all, I would like to thank for this news. vistlip, this morning, was involved in a car accident. None of the members were severely injured, but their manager, Asako Sakakibara, did die. Now that's really shocking news. If you want to know more, go here.

Honestly, I don't know what to say. I would never think vistlip would get involved into a car crash. It's actually a really sad thing to know that their manager died as a result. I'm sure the whole vistlip is pretty shocked, but I'm still awaiting a few updates from their blog or or their OHP. I would be scared out of my wits if I was in a car accident. My sympathy and condolences goes to Sakakibara-san and her family members. Also, I hope everyone else recovers and they can continue making music and hopefully find a new manager.

Right, enough of that. I was pretty much in shock, until my mother snapped me back into reality. Now, I got something to say about the K of Born oneshot. I'm currently working on it, but also on the PSCEP. I'm very worried now. I'm only on day five and it's what? July 30? I don't even know if I can make it on time. The K oneshot should be released on August 12. It might be a little earlier, but I need to get started on RinMizuki95's Ko-Ki oneshot.

That's all, and oh, did anyone watched SuG's rerun last night? I couldn't cause I got school, but I already watched the live SuG TV, so I know what happened. Anyways, good night and see you later!
Thursday, July 29, 2010

Thursday, School and Questions

It's almost the end of my third week of school. Wheee~~~ Ahem! Sorry for that XD I didn't really mind today. I wonder what tomorrow's going to be like? Oh, by the way, SuG's rerun of their live TV is on today, same time as last week. It's only a rerun, so it's what they recorded, not the actual thing.

I went onto my favourite bands' blogs and looked at their picture. I got a few questions to ask you guys about some of the pictures I found, either bizarre or really cute. Just remember, that these pictures aren't mine and they belong respectively to the band members.

I believe this is a sticker a fan of Ryouga gave to him. Some of you are thinking 'What the heck is he doing in a girl's school uniform!?' or 'Aww~ He looks so feminine and cute!'. Either way, what do you think about this picture?

This is IV and Shin from ViViD. What do you think of IV dressing up as a girl for the Tribal Arivall Vol.100, where he, Takeru and Yuji pretend to be AKB48 and called themselves PSC48?

This is Ryouga's birthday cake. Does it make your mouth water? I know it made my mouth water.

This is from Rui's blog I think. Can you see the magazine in the center? Who do you suppose the two on the front cover are?

This is IV looking at ViViD's page in one of the SHOXX Volume. Isn't it funny how some of them look at their page so much in the magazine? If you were a celebrity, would you go to your page first?
Wednesday, July 28, 2010

New Blog + Plans for New Stories/Oneshots

Yes, I have a new blog, but I won't be using it as much as this blog. I'm only experimenting with the new blog and see if I like it or not. I think some of you have heard of Ameblo right? Yes, if you haven't figured it out, I have an Ameblo account. I'm not going to give it out, until I want to. It's not that hard to get through the first few procedures to get an Ameblo account. Although, I suggest you don't use it, unless you know some Japanese Kanji already. I know just enough to use it.

Anyways, moving on. Below is my list of plans for my new stories and oneshots.


K [Born Oneshot]
Kai [The GazettE Oneshot]
Shou [Alice Nine Oneshot]
Reno [ViViD Oneshot]
Nao [Alice Nine Oneshot]
Nao [DaizyStripper Oneshot]
Shuuta [Irokui Oneshot]
Ritsu [Irokui Oneshot]


RinMizuki95 [Ko-Ki Oneshot]


Peace and Smile Company Evening Party [The release date is still September 20, but I will extend the release date if the project won’t be finished in time]
ScReW – Rui Story
ViViD – Shin Story
SuG – Shinpei Story
Vistlip – Tomo Story**

*As of right now, I won’t be taking any requests. Remember, I have the PSCEP to work on. RinMizuki95’s oneshot it due to be out on August 7.

**I don’t really know whether to start this story. I really like Vistlip, but I just don’t have a plot ready for this.

I took that from my Quizilla journal so I don't have to retype it. Yes, like I said, I won't be taking any requests from anyone. If you send me a request, I will most likely ignore it. I don't usually do that, but let's see. I must juggle school work, assignments, PSCEP and my musicals. Yeah, I have been really busy lately. But I will be posting a list of things I can write about at the end of this post. It's just to give you a little heads up about what I can write about. I might be a little off in some parts, but as long as the story makes sense, then it's okay.

As I said in my older post, PSCEP is going to be released in September 20. I'll be spending Friday, Saturday and Sunday working on that for a majority of the time. If I have the time, I might go down to my library and work on it there. If it doesn't reach the deadline, then I will extend to either October 10, 11, 12, 13, 14 or 15. But I'll see what I can do.

Alright, here are the lists of things I write about:

Anime & Games:
Prince of Tennis
Kingdom Hearts
Final Fantasy Series [Mostly VII, VIII, IX, X, X-2, XII, XIII]
Zatch Bell [Maybe]
Digimon [Don't think I'll be starting on any though]
Beyblade [G-Revolution only]
The Last Remnant
Infinite Undiscovery
Star Ocean [Mostly The Last Hope]
Vampire Knight [New to me, but I can try]

Alice Nine
The GazettE
Born [Just a bit about them]
AND -Eccentric Agent-
The Kiddie [Yusa and Yusei only]
An Cafe


Those are all the things I can write about. As stated above, I won't be taking any requests yet. If I start taking requests, you can only request oneshots. I won't be requesting any chapter stories. That's it! See you later!
Sunday, July 25, 2010

PSCEP Update #4

Okay, as I read over my other PSCEP posts, I realized I'm forgetting things and forgetting to do more changes. In stead of the percentage stopping at exactly 100%, some events might make it go over, but keep it as 100%. I don't like people who change their percentage to get the guy they want. It's not easy getting too 100% on your first go, but after you do it a few times, it should be pretty easy. If it gets too hard, I will be making a walkthrough, but you will have to message me to receive it. I'm not going to post it anywhere on the Internet.

Visual Kei bands change their appearance quite quickly, so if something on the story seems different to their current look, it means I have written that part, BEFORE they changed their look. For Yuuto and Mitsuru, once you unlocked them will show up a lot more. I have been working hard on the project and I have got Yuuto's one under control. I will be working on Mitsuru's one soon. They appear in different parts of the story.

As I said before, there will be a walkthrough for this. I'll be working on it when I feel as though the PSCEP is close towards the end. I won't start it anytime soon, since this project needs more time than the walkthrough. Besides, I also might change some parts. There is also one room I forgot to add and that's the 'Recreation Room'. I thought I had typed it down, but it appears I didn't at all. Stupid me.

About Born and D=OUT, I still won't be adding them. If however, once the PSCEP is posted and becomes successfully, I might consider adding them as bonus partners. But that depends if the PSCEP is going to be successful. I know just a bit about Born now, but probably not enough. My friend is helping me by attending one of their concerts, getting a backstage ticket and asking about their personality. I don't want detailed information, just some words to describe them.

Is there anything else? Oh right, the look they're going to be in are in the pictures below. Don't like it? You're going to deal with it I'm afraid.

By the way, if you don't remember, Kra and Kagrra are not part of the partnership thing.
Saturday, July 24, 2010

SuG TV Summary

Okay, so I watched this last night and it apparently finished at 2 AM in the morning [1 AM in Japan]. I thought it only went for an hour, but I guess they got so into the program. Okay, I'll give a brief summary to the program.

The program started a little later than the time arranged, but SuG didn't arrive till around half an hour later. The Music Japan Plus site was down so I had to watch in on Music Japan Plus's Official Ustream account. There were a few technical problems, where the image didn't move and the audio was altered, but if you managed to ignore those, it's actually a really fun program. Instead of wearing their clothes and make up for RPG ~ Rockin 'Playing Game, all the members of SuG wore very casual clothing and no make up at all. As much as I would have love to show your their outfit, I didn't want to miss out on anything of the program.

There were a few parts to the program, such as sharing what were the 3 best moments they have experienced in the last 6 months and what was their first love story. They were also asked to share what kind of girls they like, but I forgot them >.< I'm sorry. They also had a Q & A Session and a True or False Quiz on Taiwana and Singapore. For those who don't know, SuG is going to go perform live in Singapore and Taiwan probably either next week or the week after. Shinpei won the quiz and poor Masato lost. Because he lost, he had to play the 'Batsu Game', basically meaning 'Penalty Game' in English. He was punished to say 'I Love You' in English, VERY romantically. His band members didn't like his first attempt, so his second attempt was a bit longer and better. It was amusing really. At least the punishment wasn't something like drinking Senburi Cha [Senburi Cha is a very bitter tea and probably the only tea I really dislike. Yes, I have tasted it and it was very bitter @.@]. At the end, Takeru gave the keyword needed to win one of the autographed paper from SuG, they all said their message to around the world and showed some clips from their 'TOKYO MUZiCAL HOTEL DVD'. Now I want it! Anyways, that's all that was mentioned in SuG TV and if you missed and wished you could have seen it, Music Japan Plus is replaying it again next week on their top page. It's going to have subs so you can understand it better.

All thanks should go to Music Japan Plus for the effort they put into ViViD TV and SuG TV. They also want to do another one, so go onto their forum and vote for the next band you want to see. That's all and please watch the replay if you haven't seen it.
Friday, July 23, 2010

SuG TV Times

This might be a little late, but here are the time for the SuG TV Airing.

Depending on where you live, the timing of the program will be different. You can watch the program from here:

I suggest going to the website an hour early, just so you don't miss anything. It's on today and you can only see it today. Unless, of course, somebody records it and posts it on YouTube. I got the ViViD TV one and I'm hoping the SuG one will be on there as well. Anyways, hope you enjoy SuG TV tonight.
Wednesday, July 21, 2010

SuG TV on 23rd July [Friday]

I was supposed to post this yesterday, but it totally slipped from my mind. Music Japan Plus is proud to announce that they will be having SuG as their guest for the next TV Program, after ViViD's. And speaking of SuG, here is their new look.

Is anyone, besides me going to see it? From where I live, it starts at 11:00 PM. Yes, I know, it's very late, but it's on a Friday! There is no way I'm missing out on this, since SuG is my most favourite band. I really hope Music Japan Plus is going to continue you this. ViViD's TV one was really amusing and cool, so I'm pretty confident SuG's one won't let me down. That's all I needed to post. Don't miss SuG TV!
Tuesday, July 20, 2010

PsCEP Update #3

PSCEP Update #3

Okay, so for the PSCEP, I've decided to add more rooms and places, just because it makes it easier for me to continue on with the story plot.

I'll will see how well I can fit the other characters. Also, for Yuuto and Mitsuru, I won't tell you when you can get them. That's what you

have to figure out yourself. If you managed to unlock them, then they will have a separate event from the rest. As you can tell, it's a very

long and big project. I haven't even reached halfway yet!!!!!! But I'm actually proud of what I wrote and I hope you think it's decent when

it comes out. Also, I'm very worried now. I'm not so sure if it's going to be released on September 20. If it doesn't, I'll extend to October 10.

I got to juggle my school work as well, but when I have the spare time, I will be working on it. Normally, I would leave my writing work,

until I finish a term of school, but not for this project. It's very big and if I leave it until the next holidays, it's likely that it won't be

released until next year, but hopefully that's not going to happen. I'll try and cram in as much time as I can on this project. Also for Kagrra

and Kra, I know a bit of them, but they seem more of the brotherly type figure. I was thinking about adding them, but then I would have to

change the storyline and I don't want to do that. I'm only on Day 5 for crying out loud! Day 1 and Day 2 are pretty long as they are. As for

Born and D=OUT, they're not going to be in the story. I've made up my mind and I won't add them, not even as supporting characters. I

know some of you are disappointed, but I feel really guilty if I add just D=OUT and not Born. Like I said, I don't know Born as well as



The places I'm going to add are:

Shopping Centre
Clothing Store
Food Court
Make Up Store
Shoes and Accessories Shop
Music Store
Tokyo Square
High Class Restaurant
Restaurant Rooftop
Restaurant Entrance
Music Store
Clothing Store
General Hospital
Hospital Room [This is someone's hospital room, but I didn't add the name, because I didn't want to spoil it. In the actual story when it's

released, it will be named, (Insert Name)'s Room.]
Food Court
Tokyo Park
Tokyo Botanical Garden

They are in no specific order on the list. Depending on whether I don't have enough places, I will add more. The place for the Evening

Party is only in the one other day chapter and the last chapter only. Also, since I said that Kagrra and Kra will be in the story, I realized

that there are two Nao's. One from Alice Nine and one from Kagrra. If they are not together, meaning they aren't in the same room, then I

don't need to explain who they are. But if they are together, then at the end of their names, I will put in square brackets which Nao. For

example; Nao [Kagrra], Nao [Alice Nine]. The same goes for Shin of ViViD and Kagrra.

I feel so overloaded @.@ But, I actually really like it, I mean, it's the longest I have ever written. Want to know? There are 53 pages and 29,

662 words. Don't believe me? I have the word file and I could show you it, but it's supposed to be hidden, until I release it. That's all I have

to say. Oh! Wait, if I haven't been blogging for awhile, I have been experiencing Internet problems!
Tuesday, July 6, 2010

PSCEP Update #2

Yes more updates. I'm beginning to think I'm changing my mind too much. Anyways, I said in one of the other posts that there are only 17 rooms available before the actual party. Well, I decided to add another place. Why? Wouldn't it be boring if you just stayed in one area? So here are the new place:

Tokyo Train Station
Harajuku Square
Harajuku Stalls
Harajuku Cafe
Harajuku Stores
Harajuku Bridge
Harajuku Train Station

Yes, I decided to go with Harajuku, only because I know just a bit of it. If none of those things above exist, I'm sorry, but I'm using it for the project. This is probably used at least two or three times in the story, but it depends on how I like it or not.


Also, I'm beginning to debate on whether to let in D=OUT. I know them a heck of a lot more than Born, but I'm not too sure if I should add them. I mean, I don't want to be unfair to Born, by putting in D=OUT, but I actually kind of want to, because D=OUT has quite a huge fanbase. A poll is on my Quizilla account to see if it can change my mind. I might take down the poll quicker than I usually would, because I have a lot of things to go on and I don't have much time before my holiday ends. Now I wish it was December >.>

So now it's up to you guys. Should I add D=OUT and Born, or should I only D=OUT or don't add them at all. In case you don't know them, the pictures are below.

From Left to Right: Ray, K, Kifumi, Ryoga, Tomo

From Left to Right: Hikaru, Reika, Kouki, Minase, Ibuki
Thursday, July 1, 2010

More Update On PSCEP

Okay, so I have finished all the planning I needed and started on the actual thing yesterday. There are a few changes I decided to do, mainly because they don't work out as well as they should have. The changes are:

Your younger brother
-It won't work well, because I can't imagine the younger brother doing much at all. I've tried to fit him in, it just doesn't work. So, that's gone.

Love Chart
-I'm still keeping this, but I realized it won't work if the choices affects the amount of percentage. For example, one choice could raise a lot more than the other. For that, whenever you choose a choice, I'm just going to write how much percentage you get and you can add that to the person. Please be honest when doing this percentage thing. If you happen to only get 56% on a guy you want, don't go and get the 100% ending for it.

-I'm debating whether it should be 20 or 15 days. Right now, I'm trying out 20 days, but if it doesn't work out, I will lower it don't to 15 days.

That's all the changes so far. About the Love Chart, this thing gave me a hard time, and I'M the one that made it. Anyways, here are the ending percentages:

0% to 25% - Bad Ending
26% to 40% - Fair Ending
41% to 60% - Good Ending
61% to 99% - Great Ending
100% - Perfect Ending

It might be a little bit easier to get the good and great ending. I doubt anyone would get anything below, unless of course it's the guy you don't want. My friend had asked me who was easiest to get. There are two guys that are EXTREMELY easy to get. Why? Because at the beginning, you already have some love percentage with them. I won't tell you who they are though.

Now, as soon as this is finished and posted DO NOT go onto it, until I say you can. Because, once they are posted, I will be needing to get the link to work properly so that you won't get confused. If you ignore me and go onto it, chances are, you won't get how to do it without the link. I will also be needing to do a test try on it too.

Also, as a tip for the Love Chart, make sure you record the percentage of the guy you want. At the end of each day, I will post up the Love Chart with standard percentage, or in other words, the percentage you get before the choice. At the end, you can add the extra percentage you earned and find out how far you are. Hopefully nothing will go over 100%. If they do, please tell me and I will fix it as soon as possible.

That's all for now. I'm almost finished Day 1 and hopefully can get cracking on Day 2 today.


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