Thursday, July 1, 2010

More Update On PSCEP

Okay, so I have finished all the planning I needed and started on the actual thing yesterday. There are a few changes I decided to do, mainly because they don't work out as well as they should have. The changes are:

Your younger brother
-It won't work well, because I can't imagine the younger brother doing much at all. I've tried to fit him in, it just doesn't work. So, that's gone.

Love Chart
-I'm still keeping this, but I realized it won't work if the choices affects the amount of percentage. For example, one choice could raise a lot more than the other. For that, whenever you choose a choice, I'm just going to write how much percentage you get and you can add that to the person. Please be honest when doing this percentage thing. If you happen to only get 56% on a guy you want, don't go and get the 100% ending for it.

-I'm debating whether it should be 20 or 15 days. Right now, I'm trying out 20 days, but if it doesn't work out, I will lower it don't to 15 days.

That's all the changes so far. About the Love Chart, this thing gave me a hard time, and I'M the one that made it. Anyways, here are the ending percentages:

0% to 25% - Bad Ending
26% to 40% - Fair Ending
41% to 60% - Good Ending
61% to 99% - Great Ending
100% - Perfect Ending

It might be a little bit easier to get the good and great ending. I doubt anyone would get anything below, unless of course it's the guy you don't want. My friend had asked me who was easiest to get. There are two guys that are EXTREMELY easy to get. Why? Because at the beginning, you already have some love percentage with them. I won't tell you who they are though.

Now, as soon as this is finished and posted DO NOT go onto it, until I say you can. Because, once they are posted, I will be needing to get the link to work properly so that you won't get confused. If you ignore me and go onto it, chances are, you won't get how to do it without the link. I will also be needing to do a test try on it too.

Also, as a tip for the Love Chart, make sure you record the percentage of the guy you want. At the end of each day, I will post up the Love Chart with standard percentage, or in other words, the percentage you get before the choice. At the end, you can add the extra percentage you earned and find out how far you are. Hopefully nothing will go over 100%. If they do, please tell me and I will fix it as soon as possible.

That's all for now. I'm almost finished Day 1 and hopefully can get cracking on Day 2 today.


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