Saturday, July 31, 2010

So Cloudy and Dark Over Here...

It's really cloudy and dim over where I live. Where's the sun!? It was bright a few hours ago!!!! Anyways, what did I wanted to post about...? Shoot, I lost it T.T Oh right, it's so boring..............! I have nothing to do and my brain is drawing blanks for my stories and oneshots. So not cool.

Have I sent the vistlip members messages yet? No, I couldn't get in contact with them unfortunately...I could send them messages on their Ameblo account. What? I have an Ameblo account too you know? I sure hope it doesn't rain over here. That'll be really bad.

This might seem random, but....I WANT A PARFAIT!!!!! I haven't had one in so looooonnnnngggg!!! >.< Does anyone have a good recipe for me to make one? I can't wait any longer for one!!!!!!!!!!

Ahem! Right, enough of that randomness. So here's how far I have gone into my K oneshot. 10%. Good huh? No! That's horrible!!! I should have made it up to at least 67% by now! I've been slacking off too much. Must.Get.Back.On.Track.

Got to go now. My craving for parfait is affecting my brain! I'm sure I will be normal tomorrow....Hopefully....

Listening to: Gone with the Wind - HiBRiD


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