Saturday, July 31, 2010

More News on Vistlip

Good morning! How are you!?...And why do I sound so happy? Maybe it's because it's Saturday? Yeah, that's it! Anyways, I got a bit more news about vistlip's car accident yesterday. I had actually thought it was Tomo who was driving the car, but I think the news said 'Matsushita Tomo, vistlip's drummer'. So it basically said that it was Tohya who was driving the car. I'm not so sure, because I couldn't understand some of what the video was trying to say. vistlip won't be starting any band work until the end of September. I can totally understand that. I mean, I would be traumatized if I were part of the band. So, I wish vistlip the best of luck so they can recover and for Sakakibara-san to rest in peace and best wishes also goes towards her family.

If you want more information, the whole Internet is talking about it. I might have to send the boys of vistlip a comforting message. I mean, Tohya must be traumatized the most. Now this is making me more afraid of getting a driver's license. If you want to send them a message, trying sending it to their official homepage or, if they have it, a MySpace page.

Anyways, it's like 8:55 over here and I haven't eaten anything @.@ I'm starving!!!!! Ooh! Has anyone seen Alice Nine's Senkou's PV? I haven't! For the ones who have, you guys are lucky! I got a message from my friend this morning and I haven't checked out the PV yet. I should watch it later on.

I should go now, you do not know how much I'm starving right. You know what? I could really go for Ryouga's birthday cake now XD [Refer to the post on July 29]. I'll try and update later on today. See ya!


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