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New Blog

If you are still reading from this blog, don't, because I have a new blog now. I do like wordpress much better. It's easier to get around and decorate. Here's the blog:
Monday, September 6, 2010


About PSCEP, the due date is coming up and I realized that I won't be able to finish it in time. I'm still working on it, but as of right now, the due date is once again undecided. I really hate it when I change my mind at the last minute. But I will assure you, it will be released. When it will be released, I'm still trying to work it out.

Besides, I have already working on something so I can get a career. This is must be done as soon as possible. I'm halfway through finishing anyway. So yeah, PSCEP due date is still undecided.
Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Sea salt Ice-cream!?

I found this out when I went to check Hikaru of ダウト (D=OUT). I was like literally 0.0 when I saw this. Take a look!

Just to let you know, the guy picture in the picture is not Hikaru, but Reika. But see the ice-cream to the right!? Does that not look like a sea salt ice-cream from Kingdom Hearts!? I never knew those kind of ice-cream existed XD (Okay, so that's actually an ice-block, but who cares?).

I probably need to thank Hikaru for this, otherwise I would have nothing to post about XD

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I have actually plan to make a new website, where all my stories will go, but the problem is my laptop doesn't seem to like the site and won't allow me to make a site! I might use my computer, which I haven't touched in awhile. I also have an email where you can send requests now. It's not the one where you send me your contest entries. It's You can send requests there and I might either reply or not. I recommend sending me a mail if you have either gmail or hotmail, because sometimes I don't receive messages, even if you send them.

Requests, even though I have said this before, you can send me request mails, but right now, I probably won't be writing any. I will put your request down in my schedule book and find a day where I can write your request.

This post will be a little short, but I am sort of changing a little things. This is a heads up for anyone who is reading this. And anyone who is still reading my journal from Quizilla, stop, because this is the new journal. That's all, expect more updates soon.
Sunday, August 29, 2010

This Is My New Quizilla Journal

Yeah, I'm using this as my Quizilla journal now. Mainly because it keeps everything neater than it does in Quizilla. No more typing onto word, copying and pasting to the journal. I can just type it here!

We're in what? August 29 now? Shoot, the PSCEP due date is coming right around the corner! I think I might have to post pone it, but let's see how well I go. Or, I can just post up the prologue and you can get an idea then. I'm horrible I know. DX I should be slacking off on such a large project!

Anyways, besides that, the deadline for all contest entries is on September 5. Anyone who does not hand in their entry on time, I WILL disqualify you. I have extended the deadline enough (Maybe I wasn't meant to host contests XD). I have like 5 entries in? Where are the rest!?

Alright, let me just conclude this journal post. New story feat. Rui will be released after a few days PSCEP has been released. The Ayabie Oneshot series will be out in late September/early October (I keep on forgetting my release date for them DX). And PSCEP will [hopefully] be released on September 20 and hopefully, before I go overseas. That's all for now, so expect some more journal updates!

P.S. If you are stalking me on Ameblo, stop it. I'm being stalked every single day ever since I joined...XD

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Monday, August 23, 2010


My school has blocked off Quizilla, so my friend can't access my stories. They want to read it so, I'm going to post some oneshots here.

K of Born Oneshot [Gift]

“Ryoga! If you don’t get back here, I swear, I’ll rip your head off!” You shouted, shaking a fist as you chased the blonde vocalist around the building.

Ryoga looked back every once in awhile, but kept a pretty good momentum as he ran. Kifumi, who witnessed the chase, sighed and turned to Tomo, who was sitting on one of the couches, reading a magazine.

“Why is it that whenever ____-san is around us, Ryoga always manages to make her upset?” He asked the drummer.

“I don’t know, but,” Tomo said, flipping a page, “It seems Ryoga must really like ____-san.”

“...You can’t be serious right? Come on, we all know K likes the girl.” Kifumi said, referring to the lead guitarist of the band.

“I meant like as in family affection.” Tomo said, not even looking up from the magazine.

“Oh...” Kifumi said, taking a seat next to the drummer.

At that moment, Ray walked into the room, stretching his arms. He looked tired, but then again, Born had been working a lot lately.

“Konnichiwa, Ray-kun.” Tomo greeted, flipping the page of his magazine again.

Kifumi just gave him a look that said, ‘you-need-to-stop-reading-that-magazine-or-i-will-rip-it-up-page-by-page’. Tomo caught it, but ignored it.

“Konnichiwa, Tomo, Kifumi,” Ray smiled, but yawned, “I wish something loud would wake me up. I’m still half sleepy.”

At that exact moment, Ray and the two other Born members heard a loud anguish shout coming from you and a fearful and scared shout from Ryoga. It was so loud, the whole building must have shook.

“That woke you up Ray?”

“Yeah, thanks to ____-chan and Ryoga...I guess.” Ray mumbled, rubbing his ears, regretting he ever wished for such a thing.

Kifumi sighed, rubbing his temples, “K, can you please hurry up and buy ____-chan’s gift already!? You’re the only one that can calm her down right now!”


From the mall where K was, he sneezed lightly. He gently rubbed his nose and sighed.

“I wonder who’s talking about me this time. Ryoga or Kifumi?” K mumbled, before turning his attention back to the necklaces on sale.

K had really liked you for such quite awhile now, so he decided to hurry and confess his feelings for you. Of course, he didn’t want to do it without a gift.

“Sir, have you found what you were looking for yet?” One of the store clerks asked.

“Oh, I’m still looking for a necklace.” K said, rubbing the back of his neck.

“Present for someone?” The clerk asked.

“Yeah. Actually, it’s going to be a gift for a girl I want to confess to.” K said, his thoughts going to you.

“Oh I see. You like this girl don’t you? Well, how about this necklace?” The clerk asked, showing K a beautiful sapphire and diamond necklace, “It’s very beautiful isn’t it? The best quality diamond and sapphire you’ll see anywhere.”

“That’s great! How much for it?” K asked, taking out his wallet.

“Usually, it would cost you 500 000 yen, but I’ll put a special discount for you. Afterall, you wouldn’t want your girlfriend to freak out and tell you to return it wouldn’t you?” The clerk teased.

K blushed lightly, but smiled, “Arigatou. You’re a really kind person.

The clerk chuckled, “Alright, that’ll be 100 000 yen.”


“Kifumi! Tomo! Ray! Help me!!” Ryoga shouted, still running away from you.

“For the last time Ryoga, if you don’t stop now, I won’t hesitate to crush every bone and limb in your body!” You shouted very loudly, swinging around what appears to be a belt.

You must have stolen it from Saga again. Kifumi’s widened, seeing the belt in your hands.

“Correct me if I’m wrong, but wasn’t she holding nothing in her hands a moment ago!?” He exclaimed.

“What is she holding?” Ray asked, but turned white when he saw your weapon, “I-Isn’t that Saga-san’s belt!?”

“Oh? She managed to steal the belt again? Very skilled of her.”

“Don’t encourage her Tomo! She’s already as evil as she is without a weapon!”

“Shh! You want her to whip you with the belt too!?”

“...Good point Ray...”




K sighed as he drove back to PS Company. He couldn’t wait to see your face when he hands you the gift. He smiled just thinking about you. If there was one thing K loved about you, it was the fact that you were so funny and care free. Most girls would swoon over that fact that they were talking with a famous person like himself. You, on the other hand, talked to him like he wasn’t a famous person. Just a regular person. When K parked in the PS Company members only parking, he got out and started to walk into the building. He got no further, when he saw Ray run down to the lobby and almost crashed into him.

“R-Ray!? What’s wrong!?” K asked, getting a little worried.

“It’s ____-chan and Ryoga! ____-chan’s going to kill him!!” Ray cried out dramatically.

K sweatdropped. Kill Ryoga? You would probably hurt Ryoga badly, but kill him? That’s just not possible.

“Okay, what did Ryoga do this time?” K asked.

Ray shrugged, “I don’t know! But, you got to stop ____-chan! You got her gift right! Go and stop her!”

With that, Ray pushed K upstairs to where the rest of the Born boys were and where you were currently trying to whip Ryoga with Saga’s belt. K intervened by stepping in between you and Ryoga.

“K! Please move out of the way so I can whip Ryoga!” You shouted, giving Ryoga a very evil glare.

The vocalist yelped and hid behind Kifumi and Tomo. Kifumi just gave Ryoga a stoic look, as if to say don’t ever annoy you again.

“____-chan, I think it would best if Ryoga wasn’t hurt before our live. Afterall, we need the vocalist for the live to be a success.” K said, managing to calm you down.

You sighed and loosen your grip on the belt, “Alright, I’ll stop.”

Ryoga looked very relieved that he almost fainted. Kifumi just slapped the back of his head in warning. It was at that moment, Tomo decided to push the rest of the guys, including himself, out of the room, leaving you and K alone.

“I got something for you ____-chan.” K said, reaching to grab something out of a bag.

“I’m guessing it’s another packed bento. Come on K, I brought my bento today. I even texted you about it.” You said.

“Ah, but I didn’t get you a bento this time,” K said, handing a small black box over to you, “Here, take it and open it.”

You grabbed the small box from his hands and opened it. You gasped as soon as you saw the sapphire and diamond necklace. It was beautiful.

“K, it’s beautiful, but it must have cost you a fortune!” You said, admiring the necklace.

“Don’t worry, I only needed to pay 100 000 yen for it. Here, let me put it on for you.” K said, taking the necklace out of the box.

You held up your hair as K gently slid the necklace around your neck. To be honest, you really liked K, but there were where you thought he and you would never be together. Once K finished putting the necklace on you, you turned around and smiled brightly at K.

“Arigatou K. There’s...something I have been meaning to tell you.” You said, a blush appearing on your face.

“You like me, don’t you?” K smiled, as you looked at him in surprise, “Well, I hope you do, because I really like you too.”

You smiled as K leaned down and gently kissed your lips. You kissed back as well. Once K broke the kiss, you and him smiled at eachother.

“So, when are we going to tell the boys?”

“Oh they’ll find out soon enough.”


Side Story:

“Where in Tokyo is my belt!?” Saga shouted, tossing around clothings, shoes and props, looking for the mentioned piece of accessory.

“Maybe ____-chan took it again?” Shou laughed as Saga started to get frustrated, “Don’t worry Saga, I’m pretty the girls would love to see you in boxers!”

“.......I’ll kill you Shou...........”

“Hey guys! What do you think of Saga going to the interview with just boxers!?”

“The fans will definitely love it Saga!”

“Yeah Saga, aren’t you supposed to be the cool and handsome one of Alice Nine?”

“I suppose the fans will enjoy seeing Saga in nothing but boxers.”

“.....You guys are dead you know that?”

“Don’t worry Saga, we’ll take many pictures of you in you boxers and spread it across the internet!”

“......I hate you all......”

“We love you too Saga!”

Kouki of D=OUT Oneshot [Diamond Ring]

“A-Ano, ____-chan. C-Can I tell you something?”

“Ah, Kouki-kun! Hai, what is it that you want to tell me?”



“I...really like you!”

“...Eh? Really!?”

“You don’t like me back?”

“Iie! I really like you too Kouki-kun!”

“So, you’ll be my girlfriend?”



That moment was the most memorable thing to me. I never realized that Kouki felt the same way. I guess I never really paid much attention. He was a really sweet and funny guy. If look past his famous status, you’ll see a really great guy. After he told me that he liked me and I liked him, we became a couple. We still are. My brother, Hikaru, introduced me to the band a few months ago. They were all a great bunch of guys. I was more close to my brother and Reika. The bassist and I would always play pranks with the band members, resulting in mixed reactions; annoyance, laughter, anger and sadness. Well, let’s begin my story shall we?


“____-chan! Wake up!” Hikaru shouted, shaking me vigorously.

You groaned, but you didn’t get up. You could hear Hikaru sighing in annoyance.

“Alright, you asked for it.” He said.

Not long after he said that, water was splashed onto you and your bed. Your gasped, jumping out of the bed and glared at your brother.

“Hikaru! What were you thinking!? I’m wearing white for the love of Kami-sama!” You shouted at him.

Hikaru whimpered and held up the bucket, which was once filled with water, shielding him. Funny, he was older, yet you had total control over him.

“Gomen ____-chan! Demo, you wouldn’t wake up!” He shouted.

You sighed and looked down on myself. You were wearing white silk pajamas, which was a gift from Kouki. Since it was white and water was on it, the pajamas were now see through. You went over to the drawers to grab out some clothing, but you couldn’t find anything else to wear.

“Hikaru, where are my clothes?” You asked your brother.

Hikaru looked a little flustered, “W-Well, the washing machine broke down and the repairman was supposed to come yesterday, but he didn’t.”

You growled slightly. You had more clothes, but Reika was playing a prank the other day and ended up dirtying EVERY single clothing in your drawers.

“That’s just great.” You said.

“Gomen ____-chan. I’ll hurry and call the repairman!” Hikaru said and raced down to the lounge room.

While he was calling the repairman, you sat on the now soaked bed and sighed. Today just isn’t your day. The doorbell rung a few minutes later. Wow, that repairman sure came fast.

“A-Ah! N-No! Reika-san, don’t go inside ____-chan’s room!” Hikauru shouted, as you heard some footsteps.

Your eyes widened in horror. If they opened the door and see you wearing soaked, white pajamas...actually, you rather not know. The door slammed opened and there was an awkward silence.

“____-chan! What happened!?” Reika shouted in shock.

You could see Hikaru slapping his forehead and sighing. Minase looked shocked himself, but probably not as shocked as Reika. Ibuki didn’t seem fazed, but you were feeling a little uncomfortable, because you could see eyes scanning over you. Kouki snapped out of his trance and walked over to you.

“What happened ____-chan?” He asked.

You glared at Hikaru and pointed at him, “He’s what happened.”

Hikaru laughed nervously, when all eyes turned to him, “S-She wouldn’t wake up!”

Kouki sighed and took of his jacket, placing it onto you, “Here, wear this to cover you up. Wouldn’t want you sick now right?”

You smiled nodded, “Hai.”

Maybe it was your imagination, but did Ibuki just flinched and glare at Kouki? The doorbell rung again and Hikaru jumped.

“I’ll get it!” He said, racing down towards the front foor.

Minase said he will follow Hikaru and left the room. Reika looked at your bed, then to the bucket laying innocently down right next to it.

“Who knew Hikaru would do something like that.” He commented.

“Welcome to my world.” You said.

Kouki laughed, “Don’t worry ____-chan. I brought back your clothes that you left at my house. It’s been washed so don’t worry.”

You grinned and hugged Kouki, “You’re the best Kouki-kun!”

Kouki smiled and placed a small kiss on your lips. You could see Reika pretending to gag.

“Bluh, too much love between you two.” He laughed as you tried to kick him.

Ibuki looked a little bothered, “I’ll just be downstairs if you need me.”

With that, he walked out of the room and went downstairs. The three of you stared after him.

“Is something wrong with Ibuki-kun?” You asked Kouki and Reika.

Reika shrugged, “He was fine this morning. And yesterday.”

Kouki placed a finger on his chin, “Maybe he’s just stressed?”

“Could be,” Reika then said, “I’m hungry. You got anything to eat?”

“Yeah, we have some instant noodles down in the pantry.” You answered.

Reika grinned, “Thanks ____-chan!”

He then raced down to the kitchen, mostly likely knocking things down along the way. You and Kouki both chuckled.

“Anyways, let’s hurry and get you changed. I’ve got something in mind that we can go.” Kouki said to you.

You nodded, “Alright. Now where are my clothes?”

Kouki pulled them out from his bag and held them out to you, “Now hurry and get changed. Then we’ll head out.”


“I’ll be back soon Hikaru!” You called to your brother as you and Kouki left the house.

You hooked your arms wtih Kouki’s and he lead to you to the park. You looked up at teh vocalist.

“Is there a reason why we’re here?” You asked him, “I am sorta hungry.”

Kouki grinned, “Don’t worry ____-chan. I’ve brought some snacks along with me.”

You smiled, “You’re a really sweetheart you know that?”

“That coming from you makes me feel very flattered.” Kouki laughed.

Kouki and you sat under a large shade tree in the park. There were other couples around, but you weren’t playing any attention to them. Kouki brought out some bento boxes, which you and him ate from. Every once in awhile, Kouki would feed you and you would do the same. After you finished eating your bentos, you leaned your head against Kouki’s shoulder and he leaned his head over yours. You stayed like that for a few minutes, until Kouki started to talk.

“____-chan, can I do something?” He asked.

You looked up at him and you could see the serious look in his eyes. This could be either bad or good. You were quite nervous actually.

“Hai. Go ahead.” You said.

“Ever since I first met you, I have always felt an attraction towards you. It had taken me a few times to finally get the courage and ask you out. I was really estatic when you said yes. ____-chan, I really want to spend the rest of my life with you. So,” Kouki said, then pulled out a small black box and opened it, revealing a very beautiful ring, “____, will you marry me?”

By this point, you had tears in your eyes and you tackled Kouki to the ground, “Yes, I would love to marry you Kouki!”

Kouki smiled, leaned his head up to capture your lips with his. The two of you kissed for a few minutes and then broked it. Kouki placed the ring onto your finger and you looked at it. It looked very expensive, but it was really gorgeous. You and Kouki both stood up, with you still admiring the ring. Kouki hugged you and you hugged him back. You really love him with all your heart.


“So, you finally did it huh?” Minase smirked, “It’s about time.”

Kouki playfully punched Minase’s shoulder, “Yeah, well, you would have done the same if you were me.”

Hikaru grinned at you, “Congratulations ____-chan! Remember, Okaa-san and Otou-san are expecting children!”

You blushed bright red and Kouki laughed, “Oh, don’t worry Hikaru. ____-chan and I will have plenty of time for that after we get married.”

You glared playfully at Kouki, who just chuckled. Reika beamed.

“I can’t wait to see little ____s and Koukis running around!” He exclaimed.

While everyone was talking about yours and Kouki’s future wedding, Ibuki silently walked off to the bathroom. He closed the door and glared at the mirror.

“I can’t believe Kouki got to her first!” He growling, gripping the sink bench.

He then sighed, “I shouldn’t give up. I’ll get ____-chan to like me and forget all about Kouki. That’s a promise.”


It has been a two months after Kouki proposed to you. During those two month intervals, you moved in with Kouki. Though it was sad leaving Hikaru to live by himself, you knew that you and him will always keep in contact with eachother. You were cooking breakfast for Kouki one morning. He was still sleeping, but then again, he had been busy with the band lately. You heard a yawn and instantly knew that Kouki was awake. The said vocalist wrapped his arms around your waist from behind, as you finished frying some eggs.

“Ohayo Kouki-kun.” You smiled.

“Ohayo.” He mumbled back.

He must still be tired. You turned to look at him.

“You’re still tired. Why are you up?” You asked.

“I would have slept in more, if your delicious hadn’t convince me to get out of bed.” Kouki said with smile.

“You’re so sweet Kouki.” You said and gave him a kiss on the cheek.

You placed all the food on the table, then you and Kouki sat down and ate it. Kouki, after he finished eating, looked at you.

“The wedding is in a month. How do you feel?” He asked.

“A little nervous, but I’m really happy about spending the rest of my life with you.” You said.

Kouki smiled and gave you a kiss on the cheek, “Well, I’m gonna go and get something okay? Be back soon.”

He put on a jacket and headed out. You decided to wash up. It wasn’t until a few minutes later, did you hear a knock on the door.

“I’m coming!” You called out, putting down the last plate and drying your hands.

You walked over and opened the door. To your surprise, it wasn’t Kouki, it was Ibuki.

“Ibuki-kun? What are you-?” You couldn’t finish your question as Ibuki pinned you to the wall.

You looked up at the guitarist in shock, “I-Ibu-.”

Ibuki then cut you off, by placing his lips onto your own. Your eyes widened in horror. Why is he kissing you? Didn’t he know that you’re engaged to Kouki? You tried pushing him off, but he was much too strong. Ibuki broke the kiss and looked into your eyes.

“I have been wanting you for awhile now,” He said, “Forget Kouki and be with me instead.”

You shook your head, “N-No!”

Ibuki growled and pushed you harder into the wall, “What does Kouki have that I don’t!?”

You whimpered. You have never seen Ibuki like this before.

“____-chan! I’m home!” Kouki called out.

When he opened the door, his eyes widened seeing Ibuki pinning you against the wall.

“Ibuki! Let her go!” He shouted.

Ibuki stared at Kouki for awhile, before reluctantly letting you go. Kouki walked up to Ibuki and grabbed a hold of his arm.

“If it’s okay ____-chan, I would like to have a little talk with Ibuki alone.” Kouki said to you.

You just nodded and went upstairs and into Kouki’s and your room. You sat down on the bed and stared at your hands. If there was anything on your mind, it was Ibuki’s behaviour. You have never realized that he had feelings for you. If you did, you would have explained to him the attraction you had for Kouki. The door opened to reveal Kouki.

“Where’s Ibuki-kun?” You asked.

“He went home. There’s nothing to worry about ____-chan, he was confused about his feelings,” Kouki said and then sat down next to you, “He thought he liked you, but it was only a sibling kind of attraction.”

“I see.” You said, then looked at the ring on your finger.

Kouki smiled, “That ring symbolizes our love for eachother. Our love cannot be broken so easily.”

You smiled as Kouki leaned down and pulled you into a passionate kiss. You broke it a few minutes later.

“Aishiteru, Kouki-kun.”

“Aishiteru ____-chan.”


After that whole event, Kouki and I got married a month later. The wedding was small, with only our family and close friends. Ibuki had spoken to me the next day and apologized for his behaviour. I forgived him and we became closer than ever. Kouki was a great husband. We had three children, two boys and a girl. My eldest son became a vocalist just like his father. My youngest son became a guitarist like Hikaru and Ibuki. My daughter became a fashion designer like me. I couldn’t have asked for a better family. I still wore the ring Kouki gave to me when he proposed. I have never taken it off, ever since our wedding. To me, I’ll love Kouki, even in death.

Ko-Ki of ViViD Oneshot Request for RinMizuki95 [Lost in the Forest]

“Rin-chan!~~” Came the drummer of ViViD’s voice.

“Ko-Ki-kun!~~” Rin said in the exact same tone as Ko-Ki.

The drummer grinned and hugged the girl. Shin was heard in the background, groaning slightly, with Reno chuckling.

“Rin-chan! The ViViD boys and I are going to the forest park! Do you want to come?” Ko-Ki asked, eagerly awaiting her answer.

Rin smiled sadly and shook her head, “Gomen Ko-Ki-kun, Rin-chan can’t go, because she has to help out around the building.”

“There will be candies and ice-cream!”

“...Candies!? Ice-cream!? Rin-chan is going!”

Reno burst out laughing, seeing the look of horror on Shin’s face, “Lighten up Shin-kun. Knew it was going to come anyway.”

“It’s bad enough when Ko-Ki eats sugary sweets, but Rin-san as well!?”

“It can’t be that bad right?”

“...Tell me you’re joking Reno...”


Reno, Shin and Ryouga watched Ko-Ki and Rin eating their sugar filled sweets very quickly. IV was eating his sweets, but laughed every so often at the site. Shin gave Reno the look that said, ‘Not-bad-huh?’. Reno just gave the vocalist a small glare.

“Rin-chan! Let’s play hide and seek!” Ko-Ki suggest, the sugar taking its effect.

“Yay! Hide and seek!” Rin grinned, “Ko-Ki-kun is it first!”

Rin started to run off to hide, as Ko-Ki closed his eyes and started counting to twenty.


Meanwhile with the rest of the ViViD members. Shin tapped the his finger on the table at the forest park.

“How long do you think until Ko-Ki asks out Rin?” He asked.

“Beats me. Ko-Ki is pretty dense when it comes to feelings, unless he’s really close to the person,” Reno said, eating out of his bento, “Besides Shin, you always hated it when those two were together. They do afterall make quite a racket.”

“Well, besides that, I think they make a perfect couple.” Shin said quickly.

IV agreed by nodding, “They do don’t they? It’s too bad they’re both pretty dense when it comes to love.”

Ryouga smirked, having a familiar glint in his eyes, “What do you think guys? Should we give the developing relationship a little push?”

“I like the way you think Ryouga.” Reno smirked also, putting away his bento.

The two guitarists stood up, with IV standing up straight after. The three of them gave Shin identical stoic looks.

“...I have to be involved too, don’t I?” Shin asked in unenthusiastic tone.

They all nodded and the vocalist just sighed.

“Alright then. Where are the two sugar high kids?”


Rin hid behind one of the forest park’s many trees. It would probably take awhile for Ko-Ki to find her. Rin giggled, having the thought of Ko-Ki running around like a madman trying to find her. While she really like to play with the drummer and hang out with him, she just can’t put a finger on why her heart keeps on beating when she sees him. Ko-Ki was a really great guy. The two first met when they met backstage. Their personality clicked together well and they became friends. She had also met the other band members and they had already taken a liking to her...well, Shin might not like her very hyper personality, but he does find her very cute and adorable. It was about 3 months ago. Rin placed a hand over where her heart is. Just thinking of the drummer makes her heart beat really fast. The only thing on the mind is; does she love Ko-Ki? Rin heard some rustling in one the bushes. Seeing as though the park was filled with many trees, she decided to look into the bush. What Rin found in the bushes, was a little white rabbit.

“Aw~ It’s so cute!” Rin squealed.

The rabbit had heard her and ran off. Rin frowned.

“Hey, come back here! Rin-chan wont’ hurt you!” She called, chasing after the little rabbit.


“...18, 19, 20! Ready or not Rin-chan, here comes Ko-King!” Ko-Ki shouted and ran off to find Rin.

He will admit that it was tricky to find out where he last looked, because of all the tree, but he could manage. After about twenty minutes or so, Ko-Ki still couldn’t find Rin and started to get worried.

“Where is she?” He asked himself.

It was starting to get dark and that made him even more worried. He wouldn’t mind if it was morning, but because ViViD finished their band work in the afternoon, there wasn’t a lot of time before nightfall.

“Ko-Ki!” The drummer heard Shin call out from behind.

Ko-Ki turned around and quickly grabbed a hold of both of Shin’s should when he was near, “Have you seen Rin-chan!?”

Shin blinked, “Haven’t you found her yet? You were playing hide and seek remember?”

“Yeah, well, I know, but she’s gone!” Ko-Ki exclaimed, making Shin’s eyes go wide.

At that moment, the vocalist’s phone started to ring. Shin quickly grabbed the phone out of the pocket of his jeans and answered it.

“Shin speaking.” He said.

“We have a problem Shin! I can’t find Rin-chan anywhere!” Came IV’s distraughted voice.

“Nani!?” Shin shouted.

“It’s true Shin! Rin-chan must have wondered in too deep in the park!” IV exclaimed.

“Shoot,” Shin mumbled, “Don’t worry IV, Ko-Ki and I will go check it out!”

With that, Shin hung up and put the phone back into his pocket. Ko-Ki gave the vocalist a confused look.

“Check what out?” He asked.

“We’re going to go deeper into the forest. IV said that Rin-san might be in there.” Shin answered.

Before Shin could say anything else, Ko-Ki bolted into the direction that would lead to the center of the forest. Shin sweatdropped, sighed in frustrsation and ran off after Ko-Ki.

“Don’t I ever get a ‘thank you’ around here?”


“Rin-chan too busy running after rabbit and now she get lost in forest.” Rin sulked, realizing how dark it was and the fact that she was lost didn’t help either, “Ko-Ki going to get mad at Rin-chan.”

Finding a rock, Rin sighed and sat on it. She had no choice, but to wait until someone find her. If she wander anymore into the forest, no doubt that she would get even more lost. By now, it was past seven and that worried Rin. Would anyone find her? Only time will tell.


“Rin-chan! Rin-chan! Where are you!?” Ko-Ki yelled, hoping for a response.

Nothing. The drummer is now beyond worried. If he couldn’t find Rin, what was he going to do. While he may be dense when it comes to crushes and love, Rin is an exception. To him, he’s her world. If he couldn’t find her, he would be crushed.

“Ko-Ki, this is getting out of hand, maybe we should wait for Reno and the others to catch up.” Shin suggested, only to have Ko-Ki shake his head.

“No way Shin! You can wait until they arrive! I’m going to find Rin-chan!” Ko-Ki exclaimed.

Before Shin could stop the drummer, Ko-Ki sped off, still searching for Rin. Shin sighed and rubbed his temples.

“I don’t know what’s worse. A very hyper and sugar filled Ko-Ki? Or a very worried and distraught Ko-Ki.”


Rin, being really lonely, bored an scared, decided to look through her purse for a phone. When she realized that she couldn’t find it, she remembered something.

“Rin-chan knew she shouldn’t have let her friend borrow my phone.” Rin sighed and stayed sitting on the rock.

It wasn’t until a few minutes later, did she hear a call from somewhere. She listened more closely.

“Rin-chan! Where are you!? If you can hear me, please answer!” That was Ko-Ki!

Rin was sure of it. She decided to answer Ko-Ki.

“Ko-Ki-kun!” She called, hoping he would hear her.

“Rin-chan!?” Ko-Ki called and she could hear him running closer and closer.

When he came into view, Rin grinned and hugged him when he got near her. Ko-Ki sighed in relief.

“I’m glad you’re okay Rin-chan.” He said, hugging her back.

“I’m sorry Ko-Ki-kun!” Rin apologized, dropping the third person speech, “I’m sor-!”

Ko-Ki cut her off, by capturing her mouth with his. Rin’s eyes widened in shock, but slowly closed and kissed the drummer back. They broke a few minutes later.

“Rin-chan, I really like you, even love you. Will you be my girlfriend?” Ko-Ki asked, a bit of pink on his face.

Rin smiled, “Hai! Rin-chan would love to!”

Ko-Ki grinned and gave her one last peck on the lips, “What do you say we hurry and get you home?”



“So, the plan didn’t go the way we wanted did it?” Ryouga said, sitting with Shin, Reno and IV at Shin’s house.

They all decided to stay over there, while Rin stayed with Ko-Ki at his house. Reno nodded.

“Hai, it might not go the way we wanted, but they did end up becoming a couple.” He said.

Ryouga smirked, “It’s about time.”

IV turned to Shin, who looked utterly tired. Can’t blame him can you? On the car drive to Ko-Ki’s house, all you could hear in the car, besides the radio, was Rin and Ko-Ki saying ‘I love you’ to eachother.

“Shin, you do realize what this means right?”

“Refresh me again IV.”

“Now that Ko-Ki and Rin are together, it means that Rin-chan is going to be around us more right?”


“Well Shin, tell us your thoughts.”

“...IV...We need a shot gun...”


“Just so I can shoot myself if I don’t want to hear them go all lovey-dovey on eachother.”


“You think he’s lost it?”

“He lost more than just his brain. He lost his dignity as well.”

“So...Should we get him a shot gun?”

“...What do you think?”

“...I’ll take that as a no...”


Those three oneshots are the newest released ones. I wanted to post the Uruha oneshot that was for ChibiXMiku, but I'm just going to leave that out for now.

Listening to: 白ゐ嘘 by Kagrra, [Shiroi Uso]
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Mao of SID XD


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