Monday, August 30, 2010


I have actually plan to make a new website, where all my stories will go, but the problem is my laptop doesn't seem to like the site and won't allow me to make a site! I might use my computer, which I haven't touched in awhile. I also have an email where you can send requests now. It's not the one where you send me your contest entries. It's You can send requests there and I might either reply or not. I recommend sending me a mail if you have either gmail or hotmail, because sometimes I don't receive messages, even if you send them.

Requests, even though I have said this before, you can send me request mails, but right now, I probably won't be writing any. I will put your request down in my schedule book and find a day where I can write your request.

This post will be a little short, but I am sort of changing a little things. This is a heads up for anyone who is reading this. And anyone who is still reading my journal from Quizilla, stop, because this is the new journal. That's all, expect more updates soon.


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