Thursday, August 12, 2010

Ayabie Disbanded!

I forgot to post this, but Ayabie has disbanded as of August 7! *Gasp* No! I'm really upset now. They are really a great band. It's just too band that they decided to disband. However, Yumehito, Intetsu, Takehito and Kenzo will be starting a new band soon. I feel really bad for Aoi. He's my most favourite member, but I guess it was coming since he has his own solo project. I am definitely posting up the Ayabie on my wall now. Only because I miss them so much.

Now, onto other matters. I got more future updates coming up. I will be starting a Ayabie oneshot series, focusing on every member of the band. The release date have been confirmed. Here they are:

Aoi of Ayabie Oneshot [Release on September 22]
Yumehito of Ayabie Oneshot [Release on September 25]
Takehito of Ayabie Oneshot [Release on September 29]
Intetsu of Ayabie Oneshot [Release on October 2]
Kenzo of Ayabie Oneshot [Release on October 6]

The dates are pretty close to one another, but I want to get them out as quickly as possible. However, I must finish PSCEP first. I might have to post pone it, if I want to get the Ayabie oneshots over and done with. Oh, my website, I will post up tomorrow, after editing a few things of course. I will be doing that tomorrow after school and I will post the website when I feel it is decent. So, once the site is up, you can only request via my website. Nowhere else. I will post this on my journal in Quizilla tomorrow.

That's about all I have to say. Shocking huh? Ayabie has officially disbanded. Might as well and go put up that poster on my wall. See you!

Listening to: Aitakute by Ayabie (彩冷える)


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