Sunday, August 29, 2010

This Is My New Quizilla Journal

Yeah, I'm using this as my Quizilla journal now. Mainly because it keeps everything neater than it does in Quizilla. No more typing onto word, copying and pasting to the journal. I can just type it here!

We're in what? August 29 now? Shoot, the PSCEP due date is coming right around the corner! I think I might have to post pone it, but let's see how well I go. Or, I can just post up the prologue and you can get an idea then. I'm horrible I know. DX I should be slacking off on such a large project!

Anyways, besides that, the deadline for all contest entries is on September 5. Anyone who does not hand in their entry on time, I WILL disqualify you. I have extended the deadline enough (Maybe I wasn't meant to host contests XD). I have like 5 entries in? Where are the rest!?

Alright, let me just conclude this journal post. New story feat. Rui will be released after a few days PSCEP has been released. The Ayabie Oneshot series will be out in late September/early October (I keep on forgetting my release date for them DX). And PSCEP will [hopefully] be released on September 20 and hopefully, before I go overseas. That's all for now, so expect some more journal updates!

P.S. If you are stalking me on Ameblo, stop it. I'm being stalked every single day ever since I joined...XD

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