Saturday, July 24, 2010

SuG TV Summary

Okay, so I watched this last night and it apparently finished at 2 AM in the morning [1 AM in Japan]. I thought it only went for an hour, but I guess they got so into the program. Okay, I'll give a brief summary to the program.

The program started a little later than the time arranged, but SuG didn't arrive till around half an hour later. The Music Japan Plus site was down so I had to watch in on Music Japan Plus's Official Ustream account. There were a few technical problems, where the image didn't move and the audio was altered, but if you managed to ignore those, it's actually a really fun program. Instead of wearing their clothes and make up for RPG ~ Rockin 'Playing Game, all the members of SuG wore very casual clothing and no make up at all. As much as I would have love to show your their outfit, I didn't want to miss out on anything of the program.

There were a few parts to the program, such as sharing what were the 3 best moments they have experienced in the last 6 months and what was their first love story. They were also asked to share what kind of girls they like, but I forgot them >.< I'm sorry. They also had a Q & A Session and a True or False Quiz on Taiwana and Singapore. For those who don't know, SuG is going to go perform live in Singapore and Taiwan probably either next week or the week after. Shinpei won the quiz and poor Masato lost. Because he lost, he had to play the 'Batsu Game', basically meaning 'Penalty Game' in English. He was punished to say 'I Love You' in English, VERY romantically. His band members didn't like his first attempt, so his second attempt was a bit longer and better. It was amusing really. At least the punishment wasn't something like drinking Senburi Cha [Senburi Cha is a very bitter tea and probably the only tea I really dislike. Yes, I have tasted it and it was very bitter @.@]. At the end, Takeru gave the keyword needed to win one of the autographed paper from SuG, they all said their message to around the world and showed some clips from their 'TOKYO MUZiCAL HOTEL DVD'. Now I want it! Anyways, that's all that was mentioned in SuG TV and if you missed and wished you could have seen it, Music Japan Plus is replaying it again next week on their top page. It's going to have subs so you can understand it better.

All thanks should go to Music Japan Plus for the effort they put into ViViD TV and SuG TV. They also want to do another one, so go onto their forum and vote for the next band you want to see. That's all and please watch the replay if you haven't seen it.


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