Tuesday, July 6, 2010

PSCEP Update #2

Yes more updates. I'm beginning to think I'm changing my mind too much. Anyways, I said in one of the other posts that there are only 17 rooms available before the actual party. Well, I decided to add another place. Why? Wouldn't it be boring if you just stayed in one area? So here are the new place:

Tokyo Train Station
Harajuku Square
Harajuku Stalls
Harajuku Cafe
Harajuku Stores
Harajuku Bridge
Harajuku Train Station

Yes, I decided to go with Harajuku, only because I know just a bit of it. If none of those things above exist, I'm sorry, but I'm using it for the project. This is probably used at least two or three times in the story, but it depends on how I like it or not.


Also, I'm beginning to debate on whether to let in D=OUT. I know them a heck of a lot more than Born, but I'm not too sure if I should add them. I mean, I don't want to be unfair to Born, by putting in D=OUT, but I actually kind of want to, because D=OUT has quite a huge fanbase. A poll is on my Quizilla account to see if it can change my mind. I might take down the poll quicker than I usually would, because I have a lot of things to go on and I don't have much time before my holiday ends. Now I wish it was December >.>

So now it's up to you guys. Should I add D=OUT and Born, or should I only D=OUT or don't add them at all. In case you don't know them, the pictures are below.

From Left to Right: Ray, K, Kifumi, Ryoga, Tomo

From Left to Right: Hikaru, Reika, Kouki, Minase, Ibuki


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