Thursday, July 29, 2010

Thursday, School and Questions

It's almost the end of my third week of school. Wheee~~~ Ahem! Sorry for that XD I didn't really mind today. I wonder what tomorrow's going to be like? Oh, by the way, SuG's rerun of their live TV is on today, same time as last week. It's only a rerun, so it's what they recorded, not the actual thing.

I went onto my favourite bands' blogs and looked at their picture. I got a few questions to ask you guys about some of the pictures I found, either bizarre or really cute. Just remember, that these pictures aren't mine and they belong respectively to the band members.

I believe this is a sticker a fan of Ryouga gave to him. Some of you are thinking 'What the heck is he doing in a girl's school uniform!?' or 'Aww~ He looks so feminine and cute!'. Either way, what do you think about this picture?

This is IV and Shin from ViViD. What do you think of IV dressing up as a girl for the Tribal Arivall Vol.100, where he, Takeru and Yuji pretend to be AKB48 and called themselves PSC48?

This is Ryouga's birthday cake. Does it make your mouth water? I know it made my mouth water.

This is from Rui's blog I think. Can you see the magazine in the center? Who do you suppose the two on the front cover are?

This is IV looking at ViViD's page in one of the SHOXX Volume. Isn't it funny how some of them look at their page so much in the magazine? If you were a celebrity, would you go to your page first?


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