Saturday, July 31, 2010

Request Form

Although I said I'm not accepting any requests right now, I will allow you to send it to me on my Quizilla account, but don't get mad at me if I haven't replied or the oneshot isn't posted. I already told you that I'm not actually going to accept the oneshots, but I will once PSCEP finishes. Below is two forms for two different genres you can fill out for a oneshot.

Form for JRock:

Who from the band:
Character Age:
Character Hair Colour and Length:
Character Eye Colour:
Piercings [if any]:
Background Story:
Race [American, Japanese etc]:
Theme [Romantic, Friendship etc]*:
Birth Date:
Do you want other bands involved? If so, which bands:

Form for Anime/Games:

Character from Anime/Game:
Character Age:
Character Hair Colour and Length:
Character Eye Colour:
Distinctive Feature:
Background Story:
Character Race [This depends on the Anime or Game]:
Birth Date [Optional]:
Theme [Romantic, Friendship]:

*I don't accept lemons/limes anything sexual! I'm not too comfortable writing those type of things. Plus, I have no idea what to do with those things.

My account is called alchemy5mage [duh XD] so send it there.

The longer and detailed form is, the better the oneshot should be. That's all, thank you!

Listening to: 月に斑雲 紫陽花に雨 by Kagrra


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