Sunday, June 27, 2010

ViViD's TV Program

I watched this this morning and I got to say, it was pretty cool. The lady that was interviewing them was kind enough to translate the speech and I was [finally] able to understand what they were saying. What I thought was really funny was the poster that was behind Ryouga, it fell off and after the break they had, the poster was put back up again XD It was very funny, because I don't think anyone noticed it, until the break started. They also had a Q&A session, but I couldn't keep up with some of them. There was a question that said what did they want to be if they weren't musicians. Reno said he would like be a bartender XD Also, somewhere at the beginning, IV was showing his muscles [yes he has muscles] and the lady said he is a macho man XD They also drew and wrote one kanji character on what they think when they hear the word 'France'. I got to say, some of them were really interesting, but Shin's one was the more detailed one and it makes me happy that I'm not the only one who puts details in whenever I draw.

It's a shame if you missed and I was going to record it, but the recording system I used didn't work well. I sure hope another person recorded it, I would love for the people that missed it to watch it.


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