Sunday, June 20, 2010

PSCEP Update

Okay, I have a few more information that I will add. There will be no Kagrra or Kra, unfortunately, I don't know so much about them. I'm very sorry about this, but if I knew just a bit more information on them, then I might consider putting them in. However, they are still part of the story, so I guess you can say they are like supporting characters. So where am I up to on the story? I am currently planning out the events that are going to happen and the layout of PS Company. As a note, I don't know exactly what PSC looks like, but I have this image in my head, so I'm just going to go with that. If, for some reason you know exactly what PSC looks like, then don't blame me for the wrong descriptions of the company building. I have never been to Japan, so I don't exactly know. While I have friends that live or go to Japan, they have never been to PSC, so I have no leads on what the company looks like. I'm also not so sure if it's just one building or a few buildings together. I have worked on what it might look like and it's not something that's detailled either. I will try to post that up another time.

There will also be something called a Love Chart and this is put at the end of each chapter, showing you the progress with the guy you choose. I'm going to try and make this on the quiz and story as well. The quiz will be for choosing your paths and the story is for the events and scenes. Have you thought about who might like to be partners with yet? For those of you who have no idea who they are, look below at their pictures.

Order Going Top to Bottom: Ruki, Uruha, Aoi, Reita, Kai [The GazettE]

Order Going Top to Bottom: Shou, Hiroto, Tora, Saga, Nao [Alice Nine]

Order Going Top to Bottom: Takeru, Masato, Yuji, Chiyu, Shinpei [SuG]

Order Going Top to Bottom: Byou, Kazuki, Manabu, Rui, Jin [ScReW]

Order Going Top to Bottom: Shin, Reno, Ryouga, IV, Ko-Ki [ViViD]

Remember how I told you about the two surprise partners? Well, here they are!

I went with their last looks before they left their bands. These two are going to be harder to get, because you need to get the right event for them to show up. They have a separate event. Which means that if you happen to get Mitsuru to appear, Yuuto doesn't, because he has a different event. For each chapter, it's going to go like Day 1 - Lobby, Day 1 - Camera Room. The paragraph just before the pictures says that the quiz are for you to pick your choice and the story are for events and scenes. Yes, that applies to the normal partners, but for Mitsuru and Yuuto, there's will be a bit more special. I'm not going to go and spoil it here so you'll just have to wait. When will it be released? I'm not too sure, but I'm hoping somewhere in August-September. Anyways, remember to check in case there's new info!


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