Saturday, June 19, 2010

Peace and Smile Company Evening Party Info

Okay, some of you may have heard about this on my Quizilla account. It's basically like a choose your adventure game, only it's not related to anything that involves fighting or magic. It's a pretty big project and I won't post any chapters, until I get everything sorted. I will, however, post the band members that will be eligible to be your partner for the Evening Party.

They are:


Originally, I was going to make you Manabu's twin, but then it wouldn't be fair to him would it? So instead, I will make you related to a character I made up. Also, the character you are being, is basically my own character, but I'm going to let you choose the name and the colour of your hair and eyes. Why did I originally wanted to make you related to Manabu? Because my original character's twin brother's name is also Manabu (I swear, I didn't choose it because Manabu is from one of my favourite bands) and I chose it because it matched with my character's name. Think of this as like Harvest Moon and/or Princess Debut. My inspiration came from Princess Debut, but there are going to be a few extras added to it. Now I have a surprise for this as well. If for some reason you don't want to be partners with either of these guys (Which I highly doubt), I have two special guys that you can be partners with. They are.......MITSURU and YUUTO! Yes, that's right. The former SuG drummer and the former ScReW bassist are back! You do not know how badly I missed these two! So the two of these guys will be the 'special, hidden ones'. Lately, after these two left, I've been seeing less and less stories about them, so I'm doing this in memory of them (No, they aren't dead -.-).


So who's the character you are related to? It's a character I had made long ago and he'll fit into the story just fine.

Name: Tsutomu ____ (You choose the last name. His original surname will not be used)
Age: Roughly about 17-19 (He is actually 16 in my original story, but he's going to be older in this)
Hair Colour: Dark Brown (Not changing this)
Eye Colour: Deep Blue (Or this)
Personality: Kind, caring and selfless. Unlike his older sister, who is confident and intelligent, he prefers to have no attention being directed towards him. He admires his sister and hopes to be confident like her. (The original character may sound familiar to some of you)

So there's the younger brother of yours. No twin. Whenever I think of twins, I try to make the names a bit similar, but I can't in this case. Here's your character.

Name: ____ ____ (That basically means you insert your name. I will tell you which is the last or first name in the story)
Age: Depends on your partner (The band members are at least in their early, mid and late twenties. The original character is actually 22 in my original story)
Hair and Eye Colour: You pick
Personality: Confident, calm and cool. Nothing exactly scares this young woman, but she cares a lot for her family and friends (Yeah, you don't really get a choice in this. I went with something neutral)

Well, there's some of the info I have for you. I will try to update more and I'm currently trying to design some of your attires. You get to pick from five. Well, what do you think of it so far?


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