Sunday, April 18, 2010

School Starts!

Wow, I haven't been on my blog for awhile huh? Schools for me starts tomorrow, so my story writing will be down for ten weeks or so, unless I can find the time to write. I had a request from my friend just yesterday. I should post my opinions for SuG, Alice Nine and ViViD on my blog, just so people can know what I really think of them. I wasn't so sure, but I guess it couldn't hurt.

Takeru of SuG: He makes me smile whenever he smiles. I don't know exactly why, because I can't stand hyper and loud people, but Takeru doesn't make me mad or anything. He just has this ability to make me not hate him. It's not that I hate hyper and loud people, but I just can't stand listening to a person babble on about something not so important. He also has a great voice too.

Masato of SuG: He kind of reminds me of myself sometimes. He's sweet and kind, my kind of personality when I'm not angry or annoyed. Like Takeru, whenever he smiles, I smile. I guess Masato has that ability that Takeru has. His guitar playing is so much better than mine. I don't play the guitar much, but my brother owns one and I just play it for fun. I learn things quickly, but I forget things really easily.

Yuji of SuG: Usually, I think random people can be annoying sometimes, but Yuji on the other hand, he makes me laugh and smile, instead of scowling. Perhaps Yuji can actually control himself, unlike some other random people who just do it 24/7. Like Masato, Yuji's guitar playing is really good. An English friend of mine told me that a lot of Asians are so talented, especially the Japanese and Koreans. That statement is partly true, but it does prove how talented Japanese bands are.

Chiyu of SuG: Like Yuji, he can be random and goofy when he wants to be. First time I saw him, I thought he would be the mature and calm one, which he is when he's not goofing off, but when he showed his random side, I couldn't help but laugh. How SuG can stay optimistic all the time, I'll never know. I tend be very calm, quiet and almost cold and blunt, but I'm very nice. I guess you could say I admire Chiyu for his ability to stay calm and mature, whilst still being random and goofy at the same time. I also like how he plays his bass, but it sometimes really hard to hear over the guitars and singing.

Shinpei of SuG: He's my favourite member, because he basically reminds me of me. When he first joined SuG, he didn't really open up and stayed quiet most of the time, but now he's like not as quiet and opening up a lot more. It's the same with me, I will stay quiet to other people, unless they become close to me, then I open up. It's amazing how much I have in common with some of the members of the bands I like. Despite me missing Mitsuru's drum playing, Shinpei is really good, even with those small arms.

Shou of Alice Nine: He's like Chiyu, but probably not as random and goofy. In the short movie, "Number Six", at the end I cried, because the message as well as the plot were really touching. The message was something on the lines of, "Even if you're lonely, there's always people you can bond and make friendship with" and also, "If you're lonely, you can be Alice Nine's sixth friend" and that's where I started crying. It's a really beautiful movie, even if it's short. I also admire Shou for his strong vocals. Knowing my own vocal skills, mine is pretty weak if I compare it to Shou. So Shou really gave me courage to become better.

Hiroto of Alice Nine: There are times where he's really energetic and there are times when he's serious. Wow, I really do have something in common with these guys. I can be serious when I want to and energetic when I want to. A lot of people think that I should act my age and not like a twenty year old. They say I'm too serious and mature for my age and saying that I'm becoming an adult too fast. In four years time, I will be an adult and is it a crime to be different from other people? I'm not one to be mad over something trivial like that, but it does get really annoying after hearing many times. Hiroto, I don't really know anything about his school life, but I'm certain there are times where he wasn't energetic and was serious. Who said you have to be like other people? If you have a group of friends and their personality, likes and dislikes are different, then it'll be a lot more interesting and fun. Hiroto's guitar playing is really good and almost pro level.

Tora of Alice Nine: The mature one out of Alice Nine. In my friendship group, I'm the most mature so that would make me similar to Tora. I have seen some videos where Tora can goof off, which is okay. Afterall, we can't ve all stoic and mature or hyper and loud all the time right? Can you imagine a person being stoic all the time and not being able to smile even ONCE? Or can you imagine a person so hyper, that the person won't even sleep or stop playing? I don't think it's possible. Tora's guitar playing is way better than some other people I know. I'm not saying they're bad or anything, but I just don't think they're up at Tora's level yet.

Saga of Alice Nine: He is kinda of a mixture of Chiyu, Tora and Shou. He's goofy when he wants to be and mature when he's not the mood to be funny. I don't think I need to say that I'm like that too. If you hadn't noticed, not only do I like these guys for their playing in their songs, but they also remind me of myself and it encourages me to improve in what I do, so I can be successful for not only myself, but my family. Saga, whenever he plays his bass, makes me want to go down to a music shop and try playing the bass. He might not be as good as some other bassists, but to me, he is definitely one of the bests.

Nao of Alice Nine: I admire him for being so optimistic all the time. I was think of the negative outcomes before the positives. Nao always thinks optimistically and I really admire him for that. If I could speak Japanese well, I would ask him for some advice on being optimistic, because I just can't seem to be optimistic most of the time. Whenever he plays the drums, I always try my best to listen to it and block out the rest. I don't hate the other's playing or anything, but I actually want to hear the beats of the drums easily.

I will see if I can do ViViD's tomorrow, because I'm really tired and I need to do a lot of preparations for school. See ya!


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