Friday, March 19, 2010

End of School Week 7

Phew! I survived another school week. As I said in one of my older posts, I have gotten a bit colder, but there's a reason why I'm doing it. If those girls think I'm becoming self-centered, they're wrong and they're the one's being self-centered. I have a few weekends holiday and assignments to work on. My assignments are almost done, so I'll do them tomorrow.

Tomorrow's a special day and I won't say what it is. You'll just have to wait. I got what? 2 weeks till the first term ends. I hope it ends soon. The first term of 2010 is the worst in all my school history. I got in a bad mood almost every two weeks, the girls who left me alone last year, has started to subtly gossip about me and my friends ditching me. I do hope that the seconf term will be better, or I will have to report to not just my year level co-ordinators, but also the principal. I want to be able to be at school with no problems and get good marks. That's all for today's post, tomorrow, I might be able to post some more things. See ya!


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