Sunday, March 14, 2010

Final Fantasy XIII + New Zy. Magazine

Hi! I should've posted this a few days ago, but the new Final Fantasy XIII game as been released. I really want the game, but I'm not getting it until Saturday 20th. My brother complains, because I get something and he doesn't. I told him it's because he doesn't focus on his school work >.> Well, for any Square-Enix Fan like me, this game is a must have. There's high quality graphics and you can make attack combos! How cool is that!?

CD Japan has recently shown a new Zy. Magazine. I absolutely love these magazines and recommend them for anyone who likes Visual Kei Bands. I will note that these pics do not belong to me, but belong to CD Japan. I am using them to show them to you. Nightmare (or Naitomea) and D for the A2 Double Sided Poster. How can you say no to that? There are other bands in the magazine such as Alice Nine, ViViD and Irokui. What are you waiting for? Buy one!

Wow, Asagi-san looks like a Gothic Bride >.> I still think he's cool XD


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