Thursday, March 18, 2010

So Close to Easter Musical

Yesterday, I wasn't on, because I had to work on an assessment that is due in a weeks time. Wow, not very far >.> Also, the Easter Musical is coming up and I haven't fully learnt the script! @.@ I hope I do well. My friends and I do 3 musicals a year. One for Easter, one for Halloween and one for Christmas. I'm in charge of the scripts, but sometimes my friends take over some parts.

My order for Zy.51 Magazine has been shipped last night. I can't wait for it to arrive! I got marked an A in Home Economics today! Yahoo! One step closer to Japan! But, there are subjects I really need to improve. These are:
1. Science
3. Bib. Studies
4. Upcoming NAPLAN (not a subject, but really important!)
That's quite a few. I'm a good student, but I have the worst memory ever! >.> That's not good. I'm okay in SOSE, but Science isn't my strong point. Bib. is so boring. I fall asleep during every Bib. lesson we have. That's how boring it is >.> Apart from that, all the other subjects are basic. I usually get A's, B's and few C's. Nothing really lower than that. A few A's and B's, not a lot of C's though. My report card last year showed that I got A's and B's, but only one C! My mother didn't mind that I got a C on the subject. It was a minor subject. I REALLY need to get an A in Maths, Science, SOSE, Bib. and English. I can pass English and Maths easily, but I need the rest to be sitting on A, not B!

Anyways, a reminder to my friends that we have a Musical Practice at Miharu's house tomorrow. DON'T be late is what she says!


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