Monday, March 15, 2010

Order Received!

I have finally received my order from CD Japan! YES! I ordered a Zy.49 Magazine and a ViViD Across the Border Limited Edition Type B. The magazine was amazing and there were a few things that I did not expect to be shown in the book. I didn't even know ViViD was in that magazine XD If you didn't know, the magazine looks like this;

The GazettE and SuG; two of my most favourite bands. My top five bands are;
1: SuG
2: Alice Nine
3: ViViD
4: The GazettE
5: ?
Number five is vacant right now, but hopefully I can find a fifth favourite band soon.

Also, I'm beginning to get even more annoyed at the fact that people are treating me like dirt. Why do they do this? They think I'm a sook or a wimp. I am far from being those. I am just a sensitive person. As my friend said today, there is a difference between being a wimp or sook and being sensitive. Grow up would ya!

Right, don't worry about that if you do not know what I'm talking about, but if your the person who is making me frustrated and annoyed, then will you pull up your socks and grow up! These are one of the things that can make people hate you! Don't bother saying "Why aren't you guys hanging out with me?" or "What did I do?". You know what you did and until you start picking up your act, I will make sure that if you want to make me feel better, I'm done with it. I've given too many chances and you ruined them.

My quote for you to remember;
"Don't assume something you don't know."

Apart from that, I'm very happy to received my order. Now, I better get crackin' on my assignments! See ya!


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