Saturday, March 13, 2010


Wow, I haven't been using this blog for awhile ^^;. I've been busy with high school so forgive me. Right, I ordered a SuG gr8 story CD and guess what? I received it! ^^ Boy am I happy. I got a few products waiting to be shipped to me. Where do I get these products? CD Japan of course. I recommend this site to people who want to buy things that are only found in Japan.

I'm not so sure if anyone know this band, but, ViViD is now officially my third favourite band. SuG being the first and Alice Nine being the second. I also made me own layout. How about that :D I really like this layout, but the trial watermark reallly gets on my nerves >.> It's a trial one. If you haven't ordered one, please order ViViD's new single, Across the Border. It's very cool song and in my opinion, the best of ViViD so far.


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