Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Back To Quizilla [For 2 weeks XD]

Hello! Yes, I am going back to Quizilla. I'm gonna spend as much time as I can, before school starts again. 2 weeks is not long XD I have started a new series of oneshots. They will be posted down here;

1. Shinpei Oneshot – SuG – Evening Party
2. Reno Oneshot – ViViD*
3. Shou Oneshot – Alice Nine
4. Reita Oneshot – The GazettE
5. Shin Oneshot – ViViD
6. Ko-ki Oneshot – ViViD
7. Saga Oneshot – Alice Nine
8. Chiyu Oneshot – SuG
9. Mao Oneshot – SID
10. Ryouga Oneshot – ViViD
11. Masato Oneshot – SuG
12. Uruha Oneshot – The GazettE
13. IV Oneshot – ViViD
14. Yuji Oneshot – SuG
15. Hiroto Oneshot – Alice Nine
16. Nao Oneshot – Alice Nine
17. Yugiri Oneshot – DaizyStripper*
18. Yuuri Oneshot – Irokui*
19. Aki Oneshot - SID
20. Nao Oneshot – DaizyStripper
21. Kai Oneshot – The GazettE
22. Teru Oneshot – Versailles
23. Maya Oneshot – LM.C
24. Natsuki Oneshot – Irokui
25. Kazuki – ScReW
26. Jin – ScReW
27. Yusa – The Kiddie*
28. Byou – ScReW
29. Aoi Oneshot – The GazettE
30. Takuya – An Cafe
31. Miku Oneshot – An Cafe
32. Tora Oneshot – Alice Nine
33. Yuuto Oneshot – ScReW*
34. Rui Oneshot – ScReW
35. Aoi Oneshot – Ayabie
36. Shuuta Oneshot – Irokui
37. Kazami Oneshot – DaizyStripper
38. Yumehito Oneshot – Ayabie
39. Kamijo Oneshot – Versailles
40. Ritsu Oneshot – Irokui
41. Rei Oneshot – DaizyStripper
42. Mayu Oneshot – DaizyStripper
43. Haduki Oneshot – Irokui
44. Hizaki Oneshot – Versailles
45. Manabu Oneshot – ScReW
46. Teruki Oneshot – An Cafe
47. Jui Oneshot – Vidoll
48. Aiji Oneshot – LM.C
49. Yuusei Oneshot – The Kiddie
50. Yuki Oneshot – Versailles

Shinpei's one has started many months ago, but I haven't have the time to complete it. I should be able to complete it tonight or tomorrow, unless I have musical practice. I have none tonight, so hopefully I can do it tonight. If I can, I will used my friend's laptop to update a few things at their house, when there's a musical break. More information of the oneshots can be found here.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Shinpei of SuG's Birthday!

It's Shinpei's birthday! I had said in my post yesterday that today's a special day! Why? It's Shinpei's birthday!

I hope you have a great birthday Shinpei! I had sent him a birthday message, not so sure if it made it to him though ^^; I also got my copy og Final Fantasy XIII and let me tell you; IT'S AWESOME! I am in love with that game! I recommend it for anyone who love RPG games.

Friday, March 19, 2010

End of School Week 7

Phew! I survived another school week. As I said in one of my older posts, I have gotten a bit colder, but there's a reason why I'm doing it. If those girls think I'm becoming self-centered, they're wrong and they're the one's being self-centered. I have a few weekends holiday and assignments to work on. My assignments are almost done, so I'll do them tomorrow.

Tomorrow's a special day and I won't say what it is. You'll just have to wait. I got what? 2 weeks till the first term ends. I hope it ends soon. The first term of 2010 is the worst in all my school history. I got in a bad mood almost every two weeks, the girls who left me alone last year, has started to subtly gossip about me and my friends ditching me. I do hope that the seconf term will be better, or I will have to report to not just my year level co-ordinators, but also the principal. I want to be able to be at school with no problems and get good marks. That's all for today's post, tomorrow, I might be able to post some more things. See ya!

Thursday, March 18, 2010

So Close to Easter Musical

Yesterday, I wasn't on, because I had to work on an assessment that is due in a weeks time. Wow, not very far >.> Also, the Easter Musical is coming up and I haven't fully learnt the script! @.@ I hope I do well. My friends and I do 3 musicals a year. One for Easter, one for Halloween and one for Christmas. I'm in charge of the scripts, but sometimes my friends take over some parts.

My order for Zy.51 Magazine has been shipped last night. I can't wait for it to arrive! I got marked an A in Home Economics today! Yahoo! One step closer to Japan! But, there are subjects I really need to improve. These are:
1. Science
3. Bib. Studies
4. Upcoming NAPLAN (not a subject, but really important!)
That's quite a few. I'm a good student, but I have the worst memory ever! >.> That's not good. I'm okay in SOSE, but Science isn't my strong point. Bib. is so boring. I fall asleep during every Bib. lesson we have. That's how boring it is >.> Apart from that, all the other subjects are basic. I usually get A's, B's and few C's. Nothing really lower than that. A few A's and B's, not a lot of C's though. My report card last year showed that I got A's and B's, but only one C! My mother didn't mind that I got a C on the subject. It was a minor subject. I REALLY need to get an A in Maths, Science, SOSE, Bib. and English. I can pass English and Maths easily, but I need the rest to be sitting on A, not B!

Anyways, a reminder to my friends that we have a Musical Practice at Miharu's house tomorrow. DON'T be late is what she says!

Monday, March 15, 2010

Order Received!

I have finally received my order from CD Japan! YES! I ordered a Zy.49 Magazine and a ViViD Across the Border Limited Edition Type B. The magazine was amazing and there were a few things that I did not expect to be shown in the book. I didn't even know ViViD was in that magazine XD If you didn't know, the magazine looks like this;

The GazettE and SuG; two of my most favourite bands. My top five bands are;
1: SuG
2: Alice Nine
3: ViViD
4: The GazettE
5: ?
Number five is vacant right now, but hopefully I can find a fifth favourite band soon.

Also, I'm beginning to get even more annoyed at the fact that people are treating me like dirt. Why do they do this? They think I'm a sook or a wimp. I am far from being those. I am just a sensitive person. As my friend said today, there is a difference between being a wimp or sook and being sensitive. Grow up would ya!

Right, don't worry about that if you do not know what I'm talking about, but if your the person who is making me frustrated and annoyed, then will you pull up your socks and grow up! These are one of the things that can make people hate you! Don't bother saying "Why aren't you guys hanging out with me?" or "What did I do?". You know what you did and until you start picking up your act, I will make sure that if you want to make me feel better, I'm done with it. I've given too many chances and you ruined them.

My quote for you to remember;
"Don't assume something you don't know."

Apart from that, I'm very happy to received my order. Now, I better get crackin' on my assignments! See ya!

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Camera Died @.@ + New Band

First of all, WHAT HAPPENED TO MY LAYOUT!? I remember having a layout with ViViD and SuG. Where'd it go!? Right, sorry for that, I've been trying to get the layout back, but so far, no luck.

Now, to the real post. My camera has officially died. I was planning to show you guys my CD of gr8 story, but my camera USB just had to fail on me. That was a waste of my time >.> Also, I recharged my camera a few hours ago. I haven't used it until a few minutes later and guess what? The batteries are low! I hate my camera, so I'm saving up to get a new one. Hopefully, that camera is a lot better than this camera, not to mention that the screen turned yellow on me >.>

I was going through, looking for more Visual Kei Bands and you know what? I found another band that I thought was interesting. They're called V-Last. Haha, reminds of V-Rock XD I like Shyena and Yoshi ^^ Both seem pretty interesting. I found this information and picture from

I can't wait to hear some of their songs XD

Final Fantasy XIII + New Zy. Magazine

Hi! I should've posted this a few days ago, but the new Final Fantasy XIII game as been released. I really want the game, but I'm not getting it until Saturday 20th. My brother complains, because I get something and he doesn't. I told him it's because he doesn't focus on his school work >.> Well, for any Square-Enix Fan like me, this game is a must have. There's high quality graphics and you can make attack combos! How cool is that!?

CD Japan has recently shown a new Zy. Magazine. I absolutely love these magazines and recommend them for anyone who likes Visual Kei Bands. I will note that these pics do not belong to me, but belong to CD Japan. I am using them to show them to you. Nightmare (or Naitomea) and D for the A2 Double Sided Poster. How can you say no to that? There are other bands in the magazine such as Alice Nine, ViViD and Irokui. What are you waiting for? Buy one!

Wow, Asagi-san looks like a Gothic Bride >.> I still think he's cool XD
Saturday, March 13, 2010

My Quizilla Account on Hiatus

I'm officially putting my Quizilla account on hiatus. It's coming to my exam week and I need all the time I need to study. I don't know how long it's going to be on hiatus for, but all I'm saying is that it might be on for a very long time. I will post a notice on my journal there.

I'm very sorry about this notice, but as I realize the more the weeks has progressed, the less time I've been on Quizilla. I really want to get good marks on my report. If I do badly on my first term report, then I will start over in the second term. I'm gonna try to get A's so I can go to Japan later on in this year.

See ya!


Wow, I haven't been using this blog for awhile ^^;. I've been busy with high school so forgive me. Right, I ordered a SuG gr8 story CD and guess what? I received it! ^^ Boy am I happy. I got a few products waiting to be shipped to me. Where do I get these products? CD Japan of course. I recommend this site to people who want to buy things that are only found in Japan.

I'm not so sure if anyone know this band, but, ViViD is now officially my third favourite band. SuG being the first and Alice Nine being the second. I also made me own layout. How about that :D I really like this layout, but the trial watermark reallly gets on my nerves >.> It's a trial one. If you haven't ordered one, please order ViViD's new single, Across the Border. It's very cool song and in my opinion, the best of ViViD so far.


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