Sunday, July 25, 2010

PSCEP Update #4

Okay, as I read over my other PSCEP posts, I realized I'm forgetting things and forgetting to do more changes. In stead of the percentage stopping at exactly 100%, some events might make it go over, but keep it as 100%. I don't like people who change their percentage to get the guy they want. It's not easy getting too 100% on your first go, but after you do it a few times, it should be pretty easy. If it gets too hard, I will be making a walkthrough, but you will have to message me to receive it. I'm not going to post it anywhere on the Internet.

Visual Kei bands change their appearance quite quickly, so if something on the story seems different to their current look, it means I have written that part, BEFORE they changed their look. For Yuuto and Mitsuru, once you unlocked them will show up a lot more. I have been working hard on the project and I have got Yuuto's one under control. I will be working on Mitsuru's one soon. They appear in different parts of the story.

As I said before, there will be a walkthrough for this. I'll be working on it when I feel as though the PSCEP is close towards the end. I won't start it anytime soon, since this project needs more time than the walkthrough. Besides, I also might change some parts. There is also one room I forgot to add and that's the 'Recreation Room'. I thought I had typed it down, but it appears I didn't at all. Stupid me.

About Born and D=OUT, I still won't be adding them. If however, once the PSCEP is posted and becomes successfully, I might consider adding them as bonus partners. But that depends if the PSCEP is going to be successful. I know just a bit about Born now, but probably not enough. My friend is helping me by attending one of their concerts, getting a backstage ticket and asking about their personality. I don't want detailed information, just some words to describe them.

Is there anything else? Oh right, the look they're going to be in are in the pictures below. Don't like it? You're going to deal with it I'm afraid.

By the way, if you don't remember, Kra and Kagrra are not part of the partnership thing.


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